Supe Community Guidelines

Last updated: May 18th, 2016

Supe is a fun messaging platform designed to reward those who create exciting and engaging content, whilst also allowing you to create and establish a closer relationship with your favourite social media influencers.

We have designed these guidelines to establish some ground rules which will keep the folks over at the relevant app stores happy. We take these rules very seriously, and not following these could result in your account being reported and suspended.

We have to work to guidelines provided by the App store and Android market if we want our beloved Supe app to remain available (which we obviously do!).

So, here goes...

Screenshots. Don't take screenshots of other people's content.

Promotions. Don't promote any other app or service offering pay per view content in messages or in your bio. External website promotion for the purposes of financial gain is also not permitted.

Keep it legal. It's pretty obvious, but don't use Supe to show any illegal activity.

Pornography. We do not allow Porn.

Give people a camera and a way to charge for pictures and that must mean adult content, right? Wrong. We are a 17+ app which means, unlike the big social networks and messaging apps, our target market is grown-ups like you and I. And that means we are not available to kids...

There is no need to take off your clothes to make engaging content that people will pay to see! Your personality is key to engagement on social media and will give you a much more long-term and loyal follower base. If you do feel compelled to offer nudity to your followers, then please observe the following rules.

When sending a Broadcast message (sending to all followers) remember...

Please refrain from nudity on camera, especially in a sexual fashion. Try engaging with your followers using cheap or free broadcasted messages and then by responding to private replies where you can fully express yourself.

Please cover your private parts at all times or your account will be deleted and coins forfeited.

Don't take off your underwear. Visible underwear line at all times, please, and no full-screen naked buttocks!

Keep your nipples covered at all times. Our app is rated 17+ moderate/infrequent nudity on the App Store so please bear that in mind.

Do not make every single post about semi-nude body. You'll lack engagement and may cross our community managers who you don’t want to mess with ;).

Never engage in sexual activity – personal or with others.

Think: your message is being sent to someone else's mobile device. They could take a picture with another handset without you knowing – are you comfortable with what you are about to send out?

Other users have the ability to report you. If we receive frequent notifications about the suitability of your content we may remove your account.

Invasions of Privacy

Do not take Snaps of people without their knowledge and consent.


Never threaten to harm a person, group of people, or their property.

Intimidating people is never okay.


People generally don't want to see your lower body or the floor! Build engagement with compliments, advice and questions, and don't be afraid to send back a video or picture showing your face.

Harassment or bullying

Do not make people feel bad on purpose.

If someone blocks you, it is not okay to contact them from another account.


Don't pretend to be someone you're not, including celebrities, brands or other organisations.

If you violate these rules, we may remove the offending content or terminate your account. If your account is terminated you will forfeit the right to any revenue earnt and will not be allowed to use Supe again.

These rules are subject to change and will evolve along with our community. Please take them seriously and honour them in the spirit they are intended.

We will do our best to enforce them consistently and fairly, and will use our discretion to do what we think is best in each situation.

The Supe Team.